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  1. Web3D Consortium - Open Standards for Real-Time 3D Communication  (0/846) / 6
     News and resources for developing and deploying XML enabled 3D. web3d, X3D, XMSF, CAD, Medical, XMF, games, visual simulation, virtual reality, VRML
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  2. 3D-Online: The Web 3D Experts  (0/1670) / 0
     Web 3D, interactive 3d, 3D graphics engine, Dynamic-3D software, intteractive web 3d software, CAD/CAM, CAD, Consultants, art, Interactive 3D Media and Art. Data visualization, product demonstration, ecommerce, website navigation, advertising, interactive 3D. Web 3D training UCLA, UC Berkeley, free software
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  3. Stereoscopic Anaglyph Webcam  (0/1597) / 0
     Regularly updating 3d personal webcam image
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  4. Cult3D  (0/1576) / 0
     Cult3D enables you to create the most interactive objects on the Web today. 3D publishing on the web
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  5. Web3D-fr - Ressources VRML, Chat3D, 3D sur le web  (0/1575) / 0
     La 3D sur le web: Ressources textures gratuites, objets, Apprendre le VRML, Chat3D, X3D
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  6. Conversations with Angels  (0/1540) / 0
     Conversations with Angels is a provocative 3D multiuser world made using VRML and inhabited by bot characters for your enjoyment and fustration
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  7. Humanoid Animation Working Group  (0/1439) / 0
     VRML Consortium Charter
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  8. MacWeb3D  (0/1337) / 0
     Your Resource for Web3D and Virtual Worlds on the Macintosh
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  9. Content Arts  (0/1321) / 0
     Is a New York City based full-service digital media production studio using Quicktime, QuicktimeVr, Metastream, Live Picture, Ipix, Canoma as well as other software and hardware to develop and produce interactive content , for Web sites, CD, online applications, catalogs, laptop presentations and interactive kiosks. Content Arts provides designers, programmers and developers with the visual building blocks for interactive multimedia in a broad spectrum of technologies and platforms. We also provide tradition photographic services for print and advertising. We are located in the gateway of silcon alley but offer our services globally. Added specialities are virtual tours for resorts, cultural institutions, and interactive corporate sales presentations. Full screen virtual tours now available
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  10. Dive  (0/1314) / 0
     The Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment (DIVE) is an internet-based multi-user VR system where participants navigate in 3D space and see, meet and interact with other users and applications. The DIVE software is a research prototype covered by licenses. Binaries for non-commercial use, however, are freely available for a number of platforms.
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