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  1. UR There 3D  (0/434) / 0
     Stereo Photography
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  2. Vayersoft - get visual  (0/381) / 0
     Advanced 3D rendering, technical illustration, concept art
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  3. Video Image Productions  (0/385) / 0
     3-D and 2-D computer-generated graphics and animation
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  4. Videotex: Digital Video, NLEs, Video Production, Streaming Video, & AV Integration  (0/388) / 0
     Videotex provides complete solutions for your digital video, animation, non-linear editing, video, projector, rental, streaming, & AV integration needs
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  5. View 3d stereoscopic multimedia and virtual set production  (0/414) / 0
     Specializes in 3D stereoscopic digital video, photography, animation, and compositing services. Our production facilities include specialized real-time 3D stereoscopic digital video editing suites, CD and DVD creation, music composition studio, stereoscopic digital video equipment, and state of the art graphic software and hardware. Content in stereoscopic 3D comes alive and pops out of and into the screen. Viewers see the action coming at them with full depth perception. Viewers can experience 3D video and 3D computer generated animation with 3D shutter glasses, inexpensive red/cyan paper glasses, and specialized direct view 3D monitors. 3D content can also be added to your website. Our virtual sets technology allows us to place you in fantastic locations such as space stations, futuristic cities, ancient ruins
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  6. Virtual 3D, specialists in 3D Modelling, virtual prototyping, interactive product visualisation and 3D graphics  (0/685) / 0
     Virtual 3D specialises in 3D modelling for product visualisation and product design. Virtual 3D also generates interactive product visualisations and photo realistic images
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  7. Virtual-Adventure  (0/400) / 0
     FlowerPower3D stereo photo collection in connection with 3D shutter glasses
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  8. Visible Productions  (0/705) / 0
     With the world's most extensive digital library of 3D anatomical models, based on the "Visible Human" data sets, Visible Productions creates animations and motion graphics unmatched in anatomical accuracy and compelling graphical representations. Let us partner with you to create an animation of a medical procedure, an explanation of how a drug works or a complete multimedia program related to patient and physician education for distribution on any medium CD, DVD, VHS, or via the Internet
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  9. VisMasters - share, learn, inspire  (0/554) / 0
     Here we celebrate the art of design visualization by profiling the work of the most accomplished artisans around the globe
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  10. Visual Computing  (0/418) / 0
     Physically accurate lighting simulation, image rendering, optically complex paint design, 3D reconstruction from photos
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