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  1. Landscape Tools - Landscape oriented editor and texture painting plug-in for 3d studio max  (0/349) / 0
     Landscape Tools - is a landscape oriented editor and texture-painting plug-in which consists of a modifier which allows you to edit landscape geometry in an editor window, and a multi-layer texture map for blending different textures together for your landscape
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  2. GroundWiz Terrain Map & GroundWiz Planter  (0/349) / 0
     GroundWiz Terrain Map: Procedural 3d terrain map, uses layers combined with fractal algorithms, infinite detail possible due to a procedural nature, supports Mental Ray, VRay, Brazil, terrain importing with optimization. GroundWiz Planter:Mass placement and instancing tool, handles millions of objects in 3ds max/VIZ, uses GroundWiz layers for placement, collision avoidance / automatic LOD handling, mass & detailed planting with a brush tool, flexible modification (move/rotate/scale)
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  3. Double Duck Productions  (0/347) / 0
     3d animation services, Contract programming and CAD Services 3D Studio MAX Plugins
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  4. Plugins and Digital Tools For Digital Artists  (0/345) / 0
     Pluginz is the ultimate source of plugins and digital tools for digital artists. We have everything you need to make your projects stand out and blow your competition away. Come and see the latest products, news, reviews and hot digital downloads
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  5. Trinity for Maya - Bring Your Creatures to Life  (0/341) / 0
     Trinity is a free plugin for Maya dedicated to deliver digital creatures to the Maya User Community. T4M loads Poser Content in Maya, giving artists and animators the same control they can have in Poser over the 3D characters, as well as expanding their control and creativity using Maya, the worlds leading Package in Character animation and visual effects. All Human Characters, Creatures, Clothes, Hair, Props, Textures, Materials, Skeletons and Blendshape Targets can be imported and efficiently loaded in minutes. Using Trinitys DCL Scripts and MEL Templates, many aspects can be customized in the import process, giving the artist full flexibility and extensibility
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  6. Turtle from Illuminate Labs  (0/86) / 5
     Illuminate Labs develops and markets rendering technology for CGI, design visualization and digital content creation. Turtle is the first product from Illuminate Labs - a radically faster rendering software for the Maya animation software zzz
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