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  1. Pipeline3D  (3/44) / 0
     3D file format visualization and conversion tool available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Pipeline3D converts 3dsmax .3DS, Wavefront .OBJ, Lightwave .LWO, Softimage .XSI zzz
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  2. World Machine  (0/965) / 0
     World Machine is a procedural terrain generator unlike any terrain software you may have encountered. An object-oriented terrain synthesis tool with a large variety of devices
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  3. InnovMetric Software, PolyWorks for 3D digitizer and 3D scanner  (0/883) / 0
     PolyWorks from Innovmetric, reverse engineering and inspection software for 3D digitizers, 3D scanners and CMM for rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, 3D design, inspection, CAD comparison and CAD/CAM.
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  4. Create 3D models from photos  (0/824) / 0
     3DSOM Pro from Creative Dimension Software Ltd is a fast, cost-effective software tool for generating photo-realistic 3D models from images of real objects, based on technology originally developed by Canon. With the 3DSOM Pro Viewer Java applet, interactive plugin-free 3D content can easily be created for compelling e-commerce sites, eye-catching internet advertising, online museum exhibitions, and more. A fully customised 3D modelling service is also available delivering high quality multimedia content for CD marketing campaigns, exhibitions, education, digital product brochures and streaming over the internet (3D Software Object Modeller)
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  5. Planetside, the home of Terragen  (0/805) / 0
     Terragen is capable of photorealistic results for professional landscape visualisation, special effects, art and recreation.
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  6. Ashlar-Vellum CAD drafting and solid modeling software - 2D, 3D precise drawing software for Macintosh and Windows  (0/709) / 0
     CAD software for 2D and 3D design. The original user-friendly CAD software from Ashlar-Vellum that is less expensive than comparable software. Create or import 2D or 3D designs, then share, discuss and modify, available for Macintosh and Windows
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  7. VariCAD - professional CAD system  (0/678) / 0
     3D/2D Mechanical CAD for Windows and Linux
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  8. MAXON  (0/675) / 0
     MAXON Computer - The makers of the award winning CINEMA 4D and Bodypaint 3D
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  9. Alternate Perspective 3D  (0/636) / 0
     3D Animation, Network Render Farm Services and Web Authoring
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  10. Hachisoft  (0/629) / 0
     Hachisoft Corporation provides focused software consulting and products in an otherwise diverse field. hsCADView is a simple way to view, convert, and export CAD files
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