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  1. Vector Graphics Games Development House  (0/617) / 0
     Vector Graphics Games Development House, the place where the games are made, also the place from where you can download free website templates, free graphics , free resources, free games and free adult content. We are making professional website templates, web design and graphics, suitable for any needs, from games development to website graphics and adult content websites. Also, you can join our forums in order to gain more free resources and development experience, tutorials and tips and tricks. Our site contains a cathegorised tutorials section containing tutorials for : 3D Studio Max , Poser 4 and Poser 5 , web design , flash design and other newly added software and development tools. Also, we have a forum and tutorials dedicated to phpBB boards system
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  2. 3D Kingdom  (0/609) / 0
     Free 3ds max tutorials, 3d models, Art Galleries, 3d links, downloads, textures, forums
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  3. Havok  (0/594) / 0
     Havok is a leading developer of middleware for the video game industry. Its powerful physics game engine is available for the PlayStation2®, PSP™, Xbox™, GameCube™ and the PC
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  4. Bryce, 3D, Photoshop, Flash all for free  (0/592) / 0
     Modelle, Texturen, Skies, Plugins, Actions, Bilder, Tutoriale, Screensaver, Wallpaper und Interfaces alles for free
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  5. A Different View of the World  (0/577) / 0
     View-Master, Tru-Vue, Realist and other sterescopic formats. History, information, personal collection, links, and images
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  6. FlashMove - The Flash Movement  (0/570) / 0
     The helpful flash resource site for all your macromedia flash needs. Site features search engine, competitions, tutorials, forum, links, gallery, events, usergroup, newsletter
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  7. The Render Node Magazine  (0/569) / 0
     A computer graphics magazine
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  8. BLU nitrox - Focusing on virtual reality, gaming and immersive techniques using 3D and innovative products for domestic and business services  (0/568) / 0
     BLUnitrox 3D enables your PC. For innovative products, ideas and discussion. From 3D gaming to business marketing strategy
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  9. Affordable stereoscopes for desk, field and computer  (0/559) / 0
     Stereo Aids manufacture a range of compact, durable and affordable stereoscopes suitable for the field, desktop and computer. Our instruments are the choice of professionals and students worldwide
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  10. Awaron ag wiesbaden  (0/558) / 0
     Awaron AG is a leading provider of hardware and software for Virtual Reality and 3D Real-Time Visualization. The own solution tucan series is a powerful and user-friendly solution with many features: import, export, elevation grid, modeling, textures, lod, video, movie, graphic, radiosity, real-time shadow, multimedia, interaction, animation, sensor, integration platform, render engine, C++, api, multichannel, data conversion, VRML, DXF, IGES, universities, colleges, schools, students, pupils, education. More offerings and services are: sales, marketing, construction, engineering, research, development, integration, 3D process chains, kinematics, simulation
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