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  1. Interactive 3D : Monde 3D multi-utilisateurs, 3D multi-users world  (0/687) / 0
     Interactive 3D ralise des sites web 3D multi-utilisateurs. Dialogues temps rel et vid o live dans ces mondes 3D. Interactive 3D creates 3D real time multi-users Web sites. Avatars can chat real time and see video live in the 3D worlds
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  2. Interactive 3D Web Presentation  (0/650) / 0
     Is dedicated to use Java Applet to present 3D VRML content to Internet viewers without requiring additional web browser plugin. Viewers can interact with 3D scene and model in real time. 3dwebpresentation can host 3D presentations for 3D artists, 3D graphic designers and e-commerce products
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  3. Interreality Project - Virtual Object System  (0/803) / 0
     VOS is a free software infrastructure for distributed object-oriented programming. The primary application for VOS is a multiuser virtual environment run by many interconnected clients and servers.
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  4. Is an instant messaging program, compatible with AIM, that allows users to create a 3D avatar  (0/689) / 0
     IM better with imstar*™. Personalize your IM world so it reflects the real you. You’ll create a 3D avatar, that all of your buddies will see when you IM and chat with them, even those on AIM. Your animated avatar will communicate just like you would with facial expressions and full body movements, only better. The imstar*™ community is a place to play games, shop for the hottest fashions for your avatar, and of course, IM with all of your buddies. And it’s all free
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  5. Les Mondes Virtuels - Univers de rencontre en 3D et avatars gratuits  (0/645) / 0
     Decouvrez des espaces virtuels en 3D
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  6. Live 3D Anaglyph Webcam  (0/662) / 0
     A live 3D anaglyph webcam that takes a picture of my office workspace every minute
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  7. MacWeb3D  (0/1331) / 0
     Your Resource for Web3D and Virtual Worlds on the Macintosh
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  8. Map 3d  (0/685) / 0
     Livedolomiti, le Dolomiti viste escusivamente attraverso immagini virtuali a 360°
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  9. Meme: Virtual Reality on the Internet  (0/691) / 0
     Immersive Systems is committed to the creation of an open and non-proprietary standard for VR on the net. Meme is now available for free, with all source code. Meme comes with Metatopia, a multi-user virtual universe. Metatopia features multiple virtual spaces, distributed virtual objects, and fully-articulated avatars with multiple facial expressions
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  10. Navigram  (0/646) / 0
     Online Interactive 3D Design Software
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