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  1. INT3D System  (0/684) / 0
     Online 3D editor for creating virtual interactive 3D scenes. Interactive Virtual Kitchen: five high quality Realtime Web 3D scenes. Users can easily interact with the kitchens, realtime walking through the scenes, changing colors and textures, switching lights, opening shutters and drawers.
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  2. Domain Hosting/Home of the Ultimate 3D web hosting solution/Active Worlds Hosting  (0/682) / 0
     Web hosting, Activeworlds hosting, Active Worlds hosting and unique 3-d hosting. 3-d worlds for sale
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  3. OzGate  (0/682) / 0
     Our mission is to maintain a free global community. Free of cost, free of government intervention and free of corporate domination. Free thought, free love and free religion. Free global voice chat in free rich 3D environments with free tech support. We seek to provide, maintain and encourage freedom of communications across all borders and in cyberspace
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  4. Scintillating Graphics  (0/681) / 0
     Scintillating Graphics is a software development and distribution company based on the Gold Coast in Australia. Our research and development is primarily focused in the area of interactive three dimensional graphics. In this field we develop cutting edge software applications to enable you to tap the enormous potential of 3D graphics on the world wide web
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  5. Second Life: Your World. Your Imagination  (0/680) / 0
     Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by nearly 100,000 people from around the globe
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  6. Blaxxun technologies - Real-Time 3D Communication  (0/679) / 0
     Blaxxun technologies is the world-leader in products, services and solutions for real-time collaborative virtual environments
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  7. Cybertown - Civilization for the Virtual Age  (0/679) / 0
     A private 3D VR (virtual reality) home with your own personal chat, inbox, message board and free e-mail. You can invite your friends over to hang out, chat and party - all in full 3D. The Cybertown shopping malls and Flea Markets where you can buy, sell or trade cool 3D objects for your home. A Virtual Pet for your home. Customizable bodies to use in the 3D worlds. Ongoing Role-Playing Games. Interesting Clubs with 3D Clubhouses to join or start your own. Awesome movie theaters and music concerts. The Black Sun Club where you can dance in 3D and listen to your favorite tunes. Live events and celebrity chats. The opportunity to get a virtual job, earn CityCash and become a respected citizen of a large intergalactic online community
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  8. Digital Space Commons: Welcome to Meet3D  (0/678) / 0
     Architects for an Inhabited Cyberspace
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  9. VRML history  (0/677) / 0
     A Proposal for a Temporal Extension of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language
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  10. Virtual Tour Provider: Panoviewing  (0/677) / 0
     Panoviewing's innovative use of technology and software enables the creation of high quality 360 degree panoramic virtual environments. With our virtual tours, users can navigate from one room to the next by clicking on the desired room viewed on our architectural interactive floor plans. We provide an affordable on-line virtual tour service for estate agents with the aim of revolutionising the way people make their property purchasing decisions
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