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  1. Interactive 3D : Monde 3D multi-utilisateurs, 3D multi-users world  (0/685) / 0
     Interactive 3D ralise des sites web 3D multi-utilisateurs. Dialogues temps rel et vid o live dans ces mondes 3D. Interactive 3D creates 3D real time multi-users Web sites. Avatars can chat real time and see video live in the 3D worlds
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  2. VRML worlds  (0/685) / 0
     Interactive 3d worlds using vrml technology
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  3. VRML Resources   (0/684) / 0
     Welcome to the introduction page of our internationally recognized VRML Resources. VRML freeware, tips for beginning and intermediate VRML authors and an outstanding collection of hundreds of VRML models are just some of the many important areas of this site
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  4. Endoframe  (0/683) / 0
     CSS and VRML
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  5. VRweb  (0/682) / 0
     VRweb is a browser for 3D worlds and objects modeled in the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). VRweb is the only VRML browser which is freely available in complete source code (under the GNU General Public License), does not require commercial packages such as Inventor or Motif, and which is capable of running on virtually all platforms
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  6. VR Dimensions - 3D Virtual World & Avatars   (0/682) / 0
     Virtual Reality Dimensions. 3D Virtual World and Avatars
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  7. Visualization and Virtual Reality for Manufacturing  (0/681) / 0
     The Visualization and Virtual Reality for Manufacturing project is a SIMA (Systems Integration for Manufacturing Automation) funded project that examines the role of advanced user interfaces for manufacturing applications
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  8. VRML World - 3D Chat Gateway  (0/680) / 0
     We are your gateway to builder operated 3D multi user worlds. Here you will find photos and links to many different types of VRML worlds, built by talented artists and world builders
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  9. Xj3D Project  (0/680) / 0
     Xj3D is a project of the Web3D Consortium focussed on creating a toolkit for VRML97 and X3D content written completely in Java. This toolkit may be used to the import VRML content into your custom application, or to create a fully-fledged browser
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  10. INT3D System  (0/679) / 0
     Online 3D editor for creating virtual interactive 3D scenes. Interactive Virtual Kitchen: five high quality Realtime Web 3D scenes. Users can easily interact with the kitchens, realtime walking through the scenes, changing colors and textures, switching lights, opening shutters and drawers.
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