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  1. Bitmanagement Software GmbH: Do IT in 3D  (0/696) / 0
     Bitmanagement offers interactive and realtime 3D software, its documentation and support/development. The multimedia–software for 2D/3D, audio and video performs the visualization in your software- and/or hardware related concept or product, based on ISO-Standards VRML, X3D and MPEG-4. These ISO formats which are exported as data format from almost all tools for 3D content creation are suitable for the Internet and used worldwide
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  2. Virtual Worlds Review  (0/696) / 0
     A basic guide to social virtual worlds and avatar cha
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  3. 3D Fun House  (0/694) / 0
     A 3d virtual reality fun house
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  4. The NIST Computer Integrated Building Processes Group  (0/693) / 0
     Is doing research on the visual representation and simulation of construction and building related models, activities, and processes. The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is being used to provide a 3D representation of those functions
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  5. Meme: Virtual Reality on the Internet  (0/693) / 0
     Immersive Systems is committed to the creation of an open and non-proprietary standard for VR on the net. Meme is now available for free, with all source code. Meme comes with Metatopia, a multi-user virtual universe. Metatopia features multiple virtual spaces, distributed virtual objects, and fully-articulated avatars with multiple facial expressions
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  6. VRML works  (0/692) / 0
     The technology that's making it happen today is Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). You can get started on the 3D Web right now. That's what the VRMLworks is here for -from picking a free browser, to visiting some of the worlds and virtual communities on the Web, to building your own worlds, to populating those worlds with free 3D models, to books, tutorials, tools, and resources
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  7. World Builder's Guild  (0/692) / 0
     Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) in order to help them more fully participate in the 3D activities of Cybertown
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  8. Daly Realism  (0/691) / 0
     Project management, web-based 3D graphics (X3D/VRML), HIPAA, and eBusiness development specialist
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  9. VRML worlds  (0/691) / 0
     Interactive 3d worlds using vrml technology
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  10. Is an instant messaging program, compatible with AIM, that allows users to create a 3D avatar  (0/690) / 0
     IM better with imstar*™. Personalize your IM world so it reflects the real you. You’ll create a 3D avatar, that all of your buddies will see when you IM and chat with them, even those on AIM. Your animated avatar will communicate just like you would with facial expressions and full body movements, only better. The imstar*™ community is a place to play games, shop for the hottest fashions for your avatar, and of course, IM with all of your buddies. And it’s all free
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