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Fyusion app is to combine computer vision and machine learning for making 3...

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  1. 3D Artist  (0/894) / 0
     Online gallery for 3D modeler Michael McKinley
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  2. 3d artist freelancer - adrian tiba  (0/794) / 0
     3D Gallery, 3D max tutorials, 3D rendering, wallpapers, 3d models
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  3. 3D Artists  (0/1509) / 0
     3D Artists is the largest 3d art gallery available on the web. Included in this gallery are tutorials, pictures and interviews of artists and the gallery itself, which is home to over 800 individual pieces of artwork from more than 600 artists
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  4. 3D avec Bryce  (0/806) / 0
     Ce site est consacre a Bryce, le logiciel 3d de MetaCreations, vous trouverez ici des tutoriels, des trucs et astuces une galerie de mes creations personnelles ainsi que quelques liens interessants
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  5. 3D Awards  (0/562) / 0
     International 3D Awards is the largest and most respected set of awards for the 3D, computer graphics industry worldwide. It recognizes excellence in the field of 3D design, animation, game development, architectural visualization and digital visual effects and is unique as it covers all aspects of 3D creativity from high-end work to independents and students
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  6. 3D board  (0/673) / 0
     Active rendering, is forum with galerie, 3D chat downloads and links.
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  7. 3d buzz - forum  (0/1458) / 0
     Digital production: maya general modeling animation dynamics & effects rendering mel scripting & sdk 3ds max general modeling animation dynamics & effects rendering maxscript & sdk xsi general modeling animation dynamics & effects rendering xsi scripting houdini general modeling animation & chops dynamics & effects rendering & compositing scripting & expressions lightwave general modeling animation dynamics & effects rendering cinema 4d general modeling animation dynamics & effects rendering/shaders/lighting motionbuilder photoshop web development 3d artistry game development plug-ins other applications
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  8. 3D CAD Browser  (0/965) / 0
     3D CAD Browser is the online 3D CAD models exchange system. On this web site you can download high-quality 3D models and upload yours for the exchange. More than 4700 models are available for download right now in many different 3D file formats like .3ds, .dxf, .dwg, .obj, .lwo, .iges and other. We're accepting into 3D CAD Browser catalog high-quality hi-polygonal models only. All models are divided into sub-parts (body, doors, hood, glass, wheels, tires, mirrors and so on for a car, as example) and most models have materials applied. All models without textures and mapping coordinates
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  9. 3D CAD Tips  (0/848) / 0
     12,000 CAD Tips and Tutorials - Were a free, independent and objective information resource for all CAD users, administrators, and managers. We cover over 40 different CAD systems: 3D Studio Max, ABAQUS, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe After Effects, Access, Algor FEA, Alias Studio Tools, Alias Maya, Alibre Design, ANSYS, ArchiCAD, Architectural Desktop, Ashlar-Vellum, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD...
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  10. 3D Cafe  (0/881) / 0
     3D Cafe The world largest provider of free 3d Models
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