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  1. Pipeline3D  (6/360) / 0
     3D file format visualization and conversion tool available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Pipeline3D converts 3dsmax .3DS, Wavefront .OBJ, Lightwave .LWO, Softimage .XSI zzz
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  2. 3D Single Image Stereograms (SIRDS) discussion group  (0/18139) / 0
     When you join this group you will learn all about 3D stereograms, you can share your own stereograms and add links to stereogram related websites. You can view members stereograms in the Photos and Files section. Most are very well done and many have never been published before
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  3. 3D Models, Plugins, Textures, and more at Turbo Squid  (0/7497) / 0
     3d Models, Plugins, Software, Textures, Game Tools, Training DVDs at Turbo Squid for purchase and free. Discreet 3ds max, 3d studio, Alias Maya, XSI, Lightwave, etc.
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  4. KURV studios. Video Training for VFX Professionals  (0/6791) / 0
     Visual effects training form the industry professionals on lightwave, maya, 3ds max, softimage, cinema 4d, bodypaint, photoshop
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  5. PS3 Mob - PS3 Forums, news, game reviews  (0/3357) / 0
     The most exciting PS3 site covering the new Playstation 3 launch, next-generation games, Sony PSP zzz
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  6. Maxforums - 3D Studio Max Artist learning resource  (0/3296) / 0
     Back of box won't render, wireframe viewport regeneration, Need realistic smoke..., Erik Schon's Workshop #3 - tow tractor VS starfighter, Making a game (WIP), tutorial for pokemon modelling, 2 macabre
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  7. Luxology Forum  (0/3248) / 0
     Luxology, LLC is an independent technology company that creates high-end 3D content creation tools
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  8. MEL scripting  (0/3176) / 0
     MEL scripting and expressions help. Book for Maya animators. Node and attribute help, Maya API help. About MEL script library, Maya Plug-in source library, announcements, general Maya discussion, MEL scripting for Maya animators chapters, Maya for Mac OS X.
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  9. Peter Sharpe's Gallery of Bryce Images and Tutorials  (0/3164) / 0
     A site containing the authors efforts at producing digital images using the well known software programs Bryce, Photoshop, Painter and Poser
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  10. Turtle from Illuminate Labs   (0/3012) / 5
     Illuminate Labs develops and markets rendering technology for CGI, design visualization and digital content creation. Turtle is the first product from Illuminate Labs - a radically faster rendering software for the Maya animation software
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